Join me, Nye Armstrong, as I connect with people from all walks of life: activists, faith leaders, mothers, entrepreneurs, creatives, funny people, and lots of other fascinating personalities. Become a listener of the fun new podcast called “The Happy People Podcast”. 


I’ll discuss how these amazing people cultivated their talents, how they carved their own paths, where they draw their self-esteem from and more! We’ll also take some deep dives, and talk about mental health, and other pertinent issues affecting our collective narratives today. My goal is to connect with people and find the common threads that bind us. 

While listening to some of my favorite podcasts, I noticed that my voice wasn't being reflected back to me. As a Muslim woman it is easy to be judged harshly or overlooked. I hope to create a podcast you can listen to, laugh with, and leave with a little inspiration for yourself. I hope by listening to these people's stories you find something that helps you reach the goals you want to achieve.


I am an accomplished Graphic Designer/Illustrator and am known for my YouTube channels where I document my adventures on the road and around Dallas, where I live. I converted to Islam 7 years ago. 

As a driven social activist, you can often find me rallying for justice for the rights of the helpless and the unheard. A passionate foodie, photographer, and tiny-home enthusiast, there is no subject that I am not willing to explore. 

I enjoy striking up conversations with anyone, and they're always bound to take some interesting twists and turns. My ultimate goal is for you to come away with a memorable exchange and a better understanding of the human condition.